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Italy X Reader - In Your Arms
"EhiBella, bella!" Feliciano, your boyfriend of one year, called in his typical chipper tone when you entered the house. You had had an exhausting day at work: the boss was more stern than usual, you had piles of paperwork to handle, meetings to run to, no time for lunch, and you were just about ready to collapse onto your bed.
    Despite that, you forced a smile onto your face the moment you entered the door. You didn't want Feli to know you had a tough time today; you liked it when he was in a cheery mood, and in some ways it helped you feel better.
    So when he ran into the entryway, you greeted merrily, "Ciao, Feli!" in his native language. He appreciated your use of his language immediately, and he pecked you lovingly on the cheek when he reached you.
    "Ciao, amore, how was your day at work?" he asked as you removed your heels. What a relief it felt for your feet to be at long last free from the bindi
:iconloveliveanime:LoveLiveAnime 136 17
Mature content
France x reader - Not a Rapist :iconanimelover779:Animelover779 34 136
Adventure Time. Melt :iconjwbeyond:JWBeyond 83 7
Blind!FrancexReader: Love is Unseen
"Francis... you've got crumbs all over your mouth again," you sighed exasperatedly. He grinned in response and leaned closer to you.
"Would you lick them off for me, mon chérie?" he asked seductively.
You rolled your eyes, although he couldn't see the action.
The two of you were sitting at a table alone, since everybody avoided Francis like the plague. And because he was your boyfriend, everyone avoided you too. The reason being, he was blind.
"Stupid cruel shitheads," you grumbled, glaring furiously at anyone who stared at you for a moment too long.
Francis lowered his head, silky blonde hair shadowing his sightless blue eyes.
You tenderly touched his hand, and said, "Don't worry about what other people say, okay?"
"But mon chérie, you go through so much just for me..." he replied, putting his other hand on top of yours and squeezing.
"Oh, stop worrying and eat your food." you smiled in spite of yourself. A light blush crossed your face as he obediently ate his food.
"Good b
:iconfearlesslullaby:FearlessLullaby 486 112
::Blind!Spain X Reader:: Touch
I trailed my fingers down the bridge of her nose, my index finger touching the tip. I tapped it three times, and heard a giggle erupt from her. I felt a smile grace my face, and I moved to her cheeks.
I trailed two fingers across her cheek, my hands feeling the soft skin under them. I breathed in and felt her jawline. My fingers moved down, feeling the shape of her head, then found her chin. It's amazing how bones form this way; creating a beautiful being. Yes.. I can't truly see her, but I can feel her.. And it's exquisite.
My fingers moved down her chin, onto her neck. My fingers moved up and down as she swallowed, a happy sigh escaping her perfect lips.
My hands slid down her neck to her shoulders, feeling the crease between them and her collar bones. I felt more, feeling the bumps of her bones, and I bent down a bit, pressing a kiss to them. I listened to her hum, and I moved my hands down her arms.
I found her hands, smiling at how small they were. My fingers played with he
:iconclarrah:clarrah 262 24
Happy (late) Hetaween :iconpotatodream:PotatoDream 209 22 Hetalia America (fanart) :iconikichan202:IkiChan202 151 18 Hetalia: England and Portugal :iconniconekoness:Niconekoness 438 41 APH: Arthur Loves Alfred and We All Know It :iconxioccolate:xioccolate 101 0 Rigsheen (Happy B-day!) :iconbrogirl62:BroGirl62 89 26 Untitled :iconalessia-izzo:Alessia-Izzo 199 12 It looks like a collar :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,272 38 [APH USUK] Better Late than Never :iconenbi-to-miruku:Enbi-to-Miruku 375 59 Greece :icondrawingsongbird:DrawingSongbird 89 30
Drowning - Feliciano x Reader
Gone. Just like that.
It was the middle of the day and you were hanging out with on of your best friends, Feliciano Vargas. He was such a happy guy, always greeting you with a smile and a hug, and sometimes brought you small little presents. You had developed some form of a “crush” on him so to say, and it took a while for you to notice it yourself. However, to avoid awkwardness and/or rejection, you never told him of it.
You two were sitting on a bench in a local park, him talking animatedly to you about something that happened between him and his two friends. And then, suddenly, he started just… choking. Like, on air. He just starting hacking, doubling over and kept coughing. You patted his back, trying to calm him down. But it didn’t stop.
Against better judgement, you made him stand up. He was still choking… it sounded so horrible, like he was going to choke up every piece of lung and heart from his mouth. You made him get into the car and get to your
:iconchangeohearts101:ChangeOHearts101 49 58
Germany x Reader - Cuddly
Ludwig was a cute sleeper.
You’d give him that.
With his peaceful expression and soft snores, he resembled a giant, huggable teddy bear; the fact that his hair was down didn’t help too much either, because it only seemed to add to the adorable look.
Nonetheless, even if he did resemble a teddy bear, he definitely wasn’t acting like one – on the contrary, it was you who was acting like a teddy bear.
“I’m so thirsty,” you whined pitifully, squirming around in Ludwig’s strong hold. “Lemme go, Luddy! Wake up! I wanna get some water!”
The German didn’t even move, earning yet another whine from you.
For ten minutes you’d been trying to escape Ludwig’s arms, yearning for a nice cup of water to quench your thirst; however, much to your chagrin, Ludwig had a bad habit of cuddling in his sleep.
Well, you wouldn’t really call it bad – if anything, you enjoyed being cuddled by the
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,522 233


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Any (reasonable) amount of characters
Any fandom/ OC/ whatever
Half-body/ Headshot
One character, plain/simple background
Any fandom/ OC
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Any fandom/ OC
Any animal (preferably a horse, dog or cat, others may not look...too good)
One character, simple background
MLP Headshot
Plain/ simple background
Sketch of anything you want (not too complicated, though)
Same as sketch, but with lineart! I am a dummy! 


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I've already done this tag, so I'm just gonna answer the questions

Tagged-back by :iconmrstoxicmania:

I hope you had great day. What did you do today? ;w;
I've skipped school to go to philharmony and I have no regrets

Which movie/series/anime can you suggest me to watch?
Grand Budapest Hotel / Sherlock BBC / Yuri on Ice yeah I'm basic

What is your favourite fandom you're in?
Hetalia (still) and Hamilton

DC or Marvel? Tell me ur fav character ;3;
I've never watched any of their movies (nor read the comics), so idk, Superman seems to be a cool guy? XD

Do you prefer read stuff like comics in english or your native language? If english is your native languege tell me what languages are you learning~
I read manga and fanfics online in English
Books mostly in Polish, but I want to start to read more in English
Also, I fell in love with Shakespeare, polish translation is shit compared to the original 

Do you want to move on from your country one day?
YES! I can't wait to do that!

Do you like roleplaying?
I've never done that, so... Sweating a little... 

Do you have favourite animated meme? Which one should I make? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I don't know any, sorry

What is you're favourite geometric figure and why regular tetrahedron?
Because it's made of triangles
They're so elegant and have just the right amount of angles, like, aren't they perfect?

Which game from The Sims series is the best in your opinion?
I've never played The Sims

Favourite character from Kagerou Project? (even if you don't know it, you can look at pictures and choose someone)
Azami looks bad-ass

Will you celebrate Valentine's Day somehow? ;3;
I'm single, but I'll try to be nicer to people and spread love Heart 

Could you tell me a joke? Pretty please~
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To see what's on the other side

The funny part is I've been hearing this joke since I was a kid
and I understood the punchline LITERALLY TODAY, AFTER ALMOST 20 YEARS
I guess it doesn't work that good in Polish



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